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To discover if the Library provides access to a newspaper, magazine, or journal follow these steps:

  • Go to the Library's home page:
  • Use the Find Journals Tab
  • Enter the name of the publication in the text box
  • Use the 'Search' button
  • If the library provides access that publication, online or in print, a set of results will appear
    • Very important - look at the dates to the right of the publication name
    • Be sure that the article you want is within the date range shown
    • If there are multiple results for the publication (as is the case with the Wall Street Journal)
      • Find the correct edition for the article you need
      • In your case the edition is the Wall Street Journal Online
    • Click on the link for the proper edition
    • You now need to search for your article within the publication
      • Searching will vary, depending on the database

For the Wall Street Journal Online, you find it in the Factiva Academic database

  • When you get to the results page for the Wall Street Journal Online
    • Use the 'Modify Results' button in the upper right corner
    • Use the dropdown menu next to 'Date' and change it to the last 6 months
    • Click the arrow next to 'Author' to generate the author search feature
    • Enter the name of the author of the article
    • Use the blue 'Search' button
    • scroll through the list to the article you want
  • If the Library had not provided access, you would need to use Interlibrary Loan to request a copy of the article


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