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**UPDATE 17 Feb 2020**

We now know that PubMed does not get along well with the RefWorks Browser Extension.  Using the browser extension in PubMed results in sluggish response, error messages, and failure to import resources. ProQuest is aware of the problem, and attempting to resolve it. There is a way to bypass the browser extension and export citations directly from PubMed to Refworks.  Use the links below for instructions that walk you through the steps. 

Original Post: 

The solution to this issue could vary depending on how you're using RefWorks
Here are the steps which should help if you are using the browser extension:

  1. Make sure that everything is up-to-date: 
    • Update your browser to the most recent version
    • Uninstall and reinstall the browser extension
  2. See if your browser history is interfering with the function of the tool: 
    • Delete the browser history, close the current window, and start again in a new window
    • OR try incognito/in-private browsing modes (which don't save the history)
    • OR try doing the exact same thing in a different browser (if you're in chrome, switch to firefox, etc.)
  3. Try a new path: 
    • Instead of using the browser extension in your toolbar, try using the "cite" or "export" buttons within the database interface.  Does that change the results you're seeing?  

If these things don't fix the problem, let us know by contacting Katie Glaeser!

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