Answered By: Jenny Horton
Last Updated: May 28, 2015     Views: 47

If you click a resource to use Off Campus Library Access, and get a 'this page cannot be displayed', 'page not found', 'address not found', or just a blank page, you may have a firewall issue.

If connecting to the Internet using your work place's network or via a public school network, the most likely answer is that your workplace uses a firewall or another proxy server itself. This is a consequence of your workplace's network configuration. Sometimes, if you ask, that network's administrator(s) will make changes to allow you to use Off Campus Library Access and gain access to the library's resources.

If you're using your home computer, and the firewall is something you installed on your local computer, you'll need to open ports 2443 and 8080 for Off Campus Library Access to work.  If you're using a Virtual Private Network (VPN), those settings may interfere with Off Campus Library Access.  If you don't know whether you installed a firewall or are using a VPN, you may always bring laptop computers or tablets to ITR ( to confirm that your computer's settings are appropriate.


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